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What does “home” mean to you? 

Refugee Week 2024

Quotes from the SNS network

“Home is a source of comfort and security, like receiving a warm hug from a loved one. When that feeling is lost, it can be incredibly disheartening, and the search for a new place that offers the same sense of belonging begins. Gradually, home transforms into a place where one feels safe and welcomed, much like the loving warmth of a hug from a loved one.”  Dr Ibtissam

“Home is a sweet, happy and safest place to live.

Home is a place where you see family, friends and loved ones to share opinions with. Leaving all these things behind is a very strong decision to make because there is no reason for someone to leave home if not in danger.” 


“To me, home means a place where I feel comfortable with myself and others. 

A warm, safe place where I can share happiness and troubles.” 


“To me home is where I'm welcome and able to be myself, and trust that my opinion counts, is being a part of a whole; and feel accepted for who I am.”

Roxana - Swansea Women's Group

“To me home is where my children and my family are around me and I have no barrier or stress because of my language when I talk and I could have my favorite food smells at home.” 

Sweeta - Swansea Women's Group


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