Sisters Not Strangers is a campaign led by refugee and asylum-seeking women to build solidarity for women who have come to the UK to seek safety but have instead been made destitute.

Right now, hundreds of women who have come to this country to find safety are living completely destitute. 

Many people who come to the UK to claim asylum are unfairly refused. This may be because they have struggled to collect the evidence they need, because they couldn’t find a good lawyer, or because the Home Office didn’t give them a fair decision. When someone is refused asylum they can be left without any support, any housing, or any right to work.

Lots of these people do go on to get leave to remain in the end, after years of struggle. But in the meantime destitution is really hard, particularly for women. Women who are destitute are often abused, exploited, suffer ill health and become depressed.

Join a circle of sisterhood this International Women's Day (8 March 2020) to show solidarity with destitute women in the UK. 

Together we can

end destitution



Circles of Sisterhood

Sunday 8 March 2020

Join with your sisters and brothers, your neighbours and friends, in your own community on International Women’s Day.

Stand or sit in a circle, hold hands, and sing a song in solidarity with women who have been made destitute.

Actions are taking place across the country, or you can join in on social media.


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