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1. Please share this message on social media:

It is not illegal to seek asylum.

We are #SistersNotStrangers

2. Join our workshop on 15 April 2021, 5pm to take action as part of the government consultation on the 'New Plan for Immigration':


Take action against asylum evictions to keep vulnerable women safe during the pandemic

On 15th September, the Home Office restarted evictions for people who have been refused asylum.    


Thousands could be made homeless and destitute, and placed at higher risk from COVID-19.   


This includes women who have survived rape, FGM, forced prostitution and trafficking.   


Many of them will have been unfairly refused asylum. The asylum process has often been shown to be racist and sexist.  


The UK’s five-level coronavirus alert is now on level four. Chief Medical Officers have said that cases are “rising rapidly and probably exponentially in…all four nations".   


We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to stay. Especially during a deadly pandemic.   


If you agree, act in solidarity.   


Urge your MP to challenge this cruel decision, and help to ensure that everyone is protected during this crisis. You can find out who your local MP is and how to contact them here.  


We are sisters, not strangers. And we believe everyone should be safe.  


With thanks to all of the women who shared their photos for this video, including members of the #SistersNotStrangers coalition, the Joyous Choir at Maryhill Integration Network and Wildfire Choir in Edinburgh. We are grateful to Penny Stone for writing the Sisters Not Strangers song and for creating this video.  

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